Zot Registry

OCI-native container image registry, simplified

  accepted as a CNCF Sandbox Project

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Pair zot with stacker, an OCI-native Image Builder and other ecosystem tools

OCI-native Image Registry

  • OCI Standards

    Strongly conforms to OCI Standards (Distribution and Image Specifications)

  • Single Binary

    One statically built binary for simplified download and install with no additional dependencies or services.

  • Unprivileged

    Doesn't require elevated privileges on host.

  • Features vs Security

    Separate Full (all features included) or Minimal (stripped for security) builds.

  • Support For Multiple Platforms

    Linux, MacOS, Intel, Arm, Raspberry PI, Cloud, Bare-metal ...

  • Batteries Included

    All features such as security scanning, authentication, authorization, garbage collection, deduplication and so on, included in the same binary.

  • Open Source

    Released as an open source project under Apache2 License.

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